Plays: Drums and Vocals
Joined Sugar Buzz: Fall 2006


I got music in my blood thanks to my oldest brother who first got me hooked on KISS when I was eight. He also taught me how to play a drum set and got me into giggin' with bands. The first concert I went to was Styx, warmed up by The Keane Brothers (uugh, remember them?) at the MN State Fair. I bet you're thinking back to your first concert now aren't you? Those were the days. You'd spend $8 on a ticket and another $8 or $10 on a concert shirt that you'd wear to school the next day. Everyone at school knew you got to go to the concert because the shirt smelled like hot dog, beer, arm pit, sulfur, the dope, and some hot chick's dirty feet. So is it any wonder that I'm still giggin' and going to concerts?

Another great concert memory is having my Mom, who took a station wagon full of kids to a KISS concert at the old Met Center, explain to my Dad why half the jacket of her white polyester pant suit was burned away. While she was explaining what "that funny smell is", a bottle rocket had landed on her coat and the suit torched!

I play an early 80's Ludwig 5-piece drum set that I bought off a college kid who was desparate for rent money back in 1992. I added 8 and 10 inch tom toms, and 10 and 14 inch Remo Roto Toms. My snare is a yummy 6 1/2 inch deep Sunburst wood Tama, named "Stella". I have Zildjian for my hi-hat. My cymbals are: 16 inch Paiste crash, 16 inch Sabian crash, and an 18 inch Zildjian crash/ride. All my tom toms wear Remo clear pinstripe heads. My kick drum wears a 22 inch Aquarian studio head, and Stella can't decide between Evans and Aquarian (so that changes depending on her mood). My sticks are all Vater, all the time! Vater 5B nylon tip hickory to be exact.

Thanks hey, for your time and come say HI at a Sugar Buzz show!