Plays: Lead Guitar and Vocals
Joined Sugar Buzz: Before it was Sugar Buzz


As a kid, I asked my older sis if she’d teach me guitar. But as any squirmy 7 year old might, I had doubts about sitting inside plunking out “Old MacDonald” when I could be outside in the sun playin’ baseball ! Now I’m grateful for those basic lessons, which morphed into a lifetime of personally rewarding guitaristic discoveries, bringing rich experiences and cool friends who share a passion for making all kinds of music. As for influences, (and given my, ahem, age) I was predictably swept up in the Eddie craze and all the usual suspects for 80’s hair metal that followed. Later on, I listened to more instrumental artists such as Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Dream Theater. Along the way, I also discovered a new world of acoustic players like Michael Hedges, Preston Reed, Billy McLaughlin and my current favorite, Willy Porter. All that listening rubbed off, and I began writing and recording my own material, dovetailing with a growing interest in the wonky world of studio arts. Thanks to internet radio, I’ve been introduced to many artists from those genres that I missed the first time around.

I came into live music late, I was nearly 40 and had always wanted to be in a band but had only played to basement walls up to that point. I figured I’d passed my “sell by” date, so to speak, when I met Mark Janning, a co-worker with similar musical interests. One time he casually asked if I played bass and if so, interested in trying out for his new band? Gulp, “it’s now or never”, I sez to myself, so fearing humiliation, I go for it. Fortunately, I survived the ordeal and was invited to join. From there, it’s been a steady stream of fun and challenging band activities, and in spite of name changes and a revolving door of personnel, I’m proud to say I’m still a founding member of that nucleus. Thanks to an expanding circle of contacts, I have enjoyed stints with “A Fixx Of Seagulls”, “Blue Rumor”, “Two Feet From The Curb” as well as one-off events like weddings. I look forward to banging this gong well into my next decade and beyond. Ya think Steve Carrell would play me in the VH1 special?

Oh yeah, almost forgot – gear. Eh, in my book, gear is just tools ta make yer noise wit’ ...

Picks:my nose
PA:big and heavy
Leather pants:sadly, yes.